A Letter from Rick Jennett

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

I am excited to be running for re-election to the Natick Board of Selectmen.

I believe that I have made a difference for our community as a member of the board and I am very proud of what Natick has accomplished in the recent past, but I am concerned about how to best manage our successes moving forward.

I am running to provide continuity and experience on the Board of Selectmen, which will be valuable as we continue to work on the issues that Natick is currently facing, including downtown parking, school growth, and most importantly, keeping our community affordable for all of our citizens.

My experience is not only my current role as Vice Chairman on the Board of Selectmen, but also 11 years on Finance Committee, a 25 year member of Town Meeting, as well as many other committees and boards. (Meet Rick) .

The citizens of Natick should be very proud of what has been accomplished in the recent past, but we also need to be concerned about how to best manage our successes moving forward into our future. We have developed very professional town departments and an excellent school district, but due to our successes there are many pressures being put upon our veterans and seniors, to name just a few.

Using my experience, I attempt to ask thoughtful questions and weigh the pros and cons before making my decision. I have always tried to maintain my number one concern when making these decisions, "What is best for the Town of Natick? " and not just what is best for just one group, but what is best for All of Natick as a community.

But to continue accomplishing this I would greatly appreciate your support with my re-election campaign by becoming one of my volunteers , supporters, or endorsers on our campaign web site, and of course I am always accepting your generous contributions !

The Selectmen's race is a bit different this year and most importantly I am respectfully asking for YOUR VOTE of support for one of the two “three-year terms” for the Board of Selectmen.
You will also have an additional vote to elect one candidate in the separate race for a “two-year term” during our next local election being held on March 29th.

I would be happy to chat with you about my platform on issues, please call me at (508) 650-1224 or send an email to Rick.Jennett@gmail.com .

I appreciate your consideration and again would ask for one of your votes for Selectman on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

Thank you,

Rick ;-}

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